Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Welcome Spring

Everything feels so full of life right now, I just love it. (Except for the herbs I've been growing. They are dead. I'm just not sure what went wrong! Oh well.) All the trees are in bloom and I was pleasantly surprised that my new little tree (below) survived! I love planting trees and this one looked questionable last year, but here he is, more beautiful than ever! I hope everyone is enjoying this time of year as much as I am. I must share something I have been indulging in lately... scrapping in the breeze! I have opened all the windows in my studio and just enjoyed the cool breeze and wonderful light. Try it, you'll LOVE it. Theodore and Chance have been LOVING the weather too! It is perfect for chasing all the squirrels and barking up a storm. Chance has also been enjoying digging up all my plants. They go in the ground, and then out. In the ground, and then out! What am I going to do with you, little stinker?


Altered books. This is a project I am challenging everyone to complete! All you need is an old book with a good spine. I have been cutting a small "window" in the front of mine, but you don't have to. I staple together about every10 pages to make a good base... ( i have other great tips, stop by the store for hints!) then i have a blast covering them with photos embellishments and more! This is perfect for recording a small event, vacation or theme. I am currently working on one about " Snow day- a guidebook". It is so stinkin' cute filled with photos of a perfect snow day (Chance's first snow experience)

Okay, I thought this little idea would be perfect to share with all the events coming up this summer.... weddings, graduations, reunions etc. This photo was taken at the CHA Fancy Pants booth. They recently released a cute line of "storybooks". They come in an assortment of sizes with blank white pages in them. They are perfect to decorate the cover and leave the inside blank for signatures- perfect GUEST BOOK! Hurry on in to live.love.scrap before they are all gone!

Another great idea that goes along with the altered book idea. This is an altered music sheet book! ( Created by a Fancy Pants Designer) I love the pom-pom ribbon, it is a current obsession of mine. I cant wait to create one of my own... complete with tons of photos of Nate singing... he never stops singing!

Again, how cute are these storybooks? I know, I love them too! (Created by Fancy Pants Designer) This one is actually scrapbooked. The blank pages are perfect for covering too!

Sassafrass Lass is HERE! Oh my, let me just say... this is so great! The paper lines even come complete with a decorative strip. This company is on the ball with going green, you don't have any waste at all now! There are 4 new lines, that you will adore. Happy Spring and well be seeing you soon!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Howie's Coming Baby

What a time for firsts around livelovescrap! Katie and I have decided we would share the blogging fun between us and so it's my turn!! Oh, my name is Allison and I am the lead designer at livelovescrap. It's really just a title, it means I organize meetings, schedules for classes and get to work with a fabulous group of designers!!
This is a picture of me posing as Howie Mandell at our Spring Retreat ... during our Deal or No Deal Game! So, I definitely think, if they have a look-a-like contest, I would FOR SURE not win. We had so much fun!!!! And the next best thing coming up is ... we are playing again at our Anniversary Crop on the 19th of April! You definitely do not want to miss all the fun and chance to win!!!! We took time out for a short field trip to McMaster and Storm in Greenville while we were at the retreat. This quaint shop is a must go to if you are ever in the area! They have the cutest and coolest vintagy (like that word??) things. Kay, one of my all time favorite people and croppers, is pictured above holding the evidence of one of her vices! RIBBON!!!! And the scary thing about Kay's little ribbon obsession, she had three more stacks of ribbon just as BIG behind the counter already! We adore our Kay!!
Ah, me as I normally appear with my daughter Addie. She decided to come at the last minute and what a wonderful treat it was for both of us. You know, kids (teenagers with their license) get busy and the last thing they want to do is hang out with a bunch of adults, with the exception of Addie. It truly was a joy to spend the weekend with the girls I adore and no cell phone reception!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring Cleaning

If you live in Ohio, you are probably thinking... What Spring? We are supposed to get snowy weather again this weekend. Huge Bummer. I have been re-organizing everything around my house and at live.love.scrap. It seems to be a never ending task, but there is something wonderful about change. I guess it makes you see things in a new light, sometimes an even better purpose emerges. Like last night... I tore my entire studio apart to fit a new piece I HAD to have. About two hours later I was just getting over all my frustration and anxiety and everything fell right into place. Now granted, most things were moved twice and STILL ended back into the same spot. Some things did find a new home, with a better purpose and I got organized! And amazingly enough the new vintage piece fit. Ill say this, I THINK I AM FINALLY MAXED OUT IN MY STUDIO (but I will probably still try to fit more later, knowing me!)

I am SO SO excited about October Afternoon arriving at live.love.scrap. It should be here any day! This is a photo I took at the latest CHA show in the booth. I am so in love with the "collage" look, this was a layout by an October Afternoon designer. ( and I LOVE the birds too, they are "so in" right now)

Photo-op in Iowa at my Nana's. I was able to sneak away for the weekend and visit them. hooray! Sorry Nana, I know I caught you a little off guard with this picture.

Okay... I am really in love with my new "old" lamp. I was staring at it the other day and decided I should dress it up. I painted stripes with my new paint from Kaiser Craft. We sell it at live.love.scrap and it is sooooo cute. It comes in "artist style" tubes and about a million colors! I also added little chandelier crystals that are NEW from Heidi Swapp, also available at live.love.scrap! About an hour after my first thought "this needs dressing up"... wa-la, new and improved lamp!

Photo of my studio at home. This is a RARE sight to see it tidy. It only takes about 5 minutes for me to mess everything up, and then I have to start cleaning all over again. One tip I must share with all my fellow scrapbookers/artists/crafters (whatever you decide you are). Have at least one area that is designated for a "workspace" only. I now force myself to clean this space up after I am finished for the day. This has helped me be much more productive and inspired for the next time I sit down to work.

Okay, I thought I was getting the hang of this blogging site. But hahaha, not yet. Just bare with me, TURN YOUR HEAD TO THE RIGHT for viewing this and the next few photos. I just learned how to rotate the photos, but NOT before I had already loaded these (and I cant figure out how to delete them!) Oh well. This pig makes me happy! He is kinda my scrapping buddy, well besides my two puppies Theo and Chance. However, they get bored and go outside to play most of the time, and the pig never does! I purchased it from a boutique in Centerville Ohio called "Ashley & Hilary". They are two sweet sisters and their shop is packed full of goodies.

Tilt your head to the right again! Sorry! Just had to include a photo of my beloved vintage bin that holds all my trims. This took ALOT of searching to find, and I don't know what I would do without it.

Last messed up photo. Tilt to the left! No room is complete without a chandelier. That is a family rule in my house! Trust me you can never have too many of them.

We are BACK! What a blast the RETREAT was! It was such a relaxing and fun weekend. We scrapped, shopped, ate, slept (very little), and laughed (alot) for 3 days straight. This Retreat was held in Palastine Ohio but our next one (Fall) will be held local. Sign-ups have begun for the Fall Retreat November 21-23.

My new obsession, plants everywhere! I am growing herbs and everything else. I think this developed from my desire for Spring to arrive! If you wont come Spring, Ill just re-create you inside! Ha.

We have a little cozy house that is STILL in the middle of being rehabbed! AND yes I KNOW I KNOW.. people think I am CRAZY for painting my hard-wood floors white.... but I LOVE it, it is totally me. Plus, they were in very bad condition anyway.

On a final note, I LOVE VINTAGE GLASS GLITTER. We are now selling it at live.love.scrap because I just had to spread the love. To be honest... most of the time I just admire it. I guess it is that strange fear I might use it all up. I'm getting past that and I have been using it on all my home decor projects, cards and more. I think I would even attach it to clothes if that was possible ( too sharp I know) I love it, I love it, I love it.