Tuesday, September 1, 2009

a day for me {us}

a day for me.... well actually a day for us. the sweet little notepad below is my inspiration for this post. when i saw it yesterday at anthropologie i just couldn't pass it up. the kraft paper is such a trend right now and i decided to do a small journal/scrapbook about all the "days i take just for myself" and what i do on those days. yesterday my mom, sister and i all went to cinci for a few appointments and made a shopping day of it. what a blast!
we visited so many of our favorites, it was almost too good to be true: anthropologie, pottery barn, west elm, restoration hardware, tj maxx, ikea

i finally caved and splurged on this candle i have loved for a long time at anthropologie. the lid is very ornate and the soft pink etched glass is dreamy. not to mention the scent, there are no words for how lovely this candle smells. heavenly. i also couldn't pass up these great turquoise knobs. i don't even know what piece i can use them for, but they called to me.

couldn't help ourselves at Restoration Hardware. this amazing little basket is soon to be my tool basket for my scrap studio. the 3 section basket can move around to whatever suits you best. there were 6 or so colors to choose from. i chose celery, mom = pink, and kristyn snatched up the aqua. what a useful find.

decided to paint stripes in my living room ...finally. chose a delicious color called SLATE from Restoration Hardware to add to the existing SILVER SEA background. pictures soon to come.

a must have design book for interior decorating. my favorite part? i love the way it sums up different "styles". with this book's help i now have a name for my style. vintage bohemian.

as promised to beth....i am posting some pics of my funky kitchen and style. sorry it took so long! this piece i love love love. it is the perfect color and size for my kitchen. i have looked a long time for something that would work in there. it now houses my wine glasses and mugs....clearing much needed space for the rest of my dishes.

not the best photo of my couch, but you get the idea. funky yellow floral print with blue accent. it is actually really comfy. also...that yellow bench is from BLOOMSBURY LOFT and has some hilarious history. love things like that. that particular bench was salvaged from a YMCA men's locker room. lots of CLOROX later...perfect.

another view of my new blue piece and kitchen.

what a mess...oh well. anyway i decided some time ago to have things around that make me smile. that explains why i have pendant banners hanging for no particular occasion and my shabby tree is still up.

soon to be striped living room. enjoy. more posts to come....very soon