Monday, May 19, 2008

Its a party

Well, Nate's big bash went off without a hitch... Well there were a few, but that is to be expected! He acted surprised, which is all that matters! Now that everything is over, I can say that it was lots of fun making the plans and keeping them a secret. ( I was so stressed before the party that I couldn't say I was enjoying it!) There will be more photos to come, but I thought I would share with you a few memorable moments. I made this "cake" for a few reasons... 1. He doesn't really like cake. 2. I could use my crafting/painting skills (which are much better than my baking) & 3. I could fill it with things he really does like. The bottom paper box was filled with chocolate chip cookies. The top box was filled with manly cigars for him to share with all his buddies.
Oh, and the next day... Chance of course partied too. This cake plate was FULL of unfrosted cupcakes, but when I arrived in the kitchen, THIS was all that was left. I knew there was two options... 1. Nate binged on way too many cupcakes for breakfast or 2. Chance snatched them from the counter...I only had to peek into the breeze-way to confirm my suspicions.

The culprit was Chance of course, and I'm sure Theo played his part too.
Always unpredictable, keeping things interesting.

Empty foil wrappers littered the floor... he ate every last crumb, including the paper lining.

Happy 25th birthday Nate... it was a blast.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Canon Camera Fun

I must say, I have always admired the black and white photos with ONE color element highlighted, but hated messing with Photoshop to achieve it. I still love Photoshop and all it can do... BUT WOW this is so easy! My Canon camera does ALL this in a breeze, with the push of a button. It has inspired me to snap a few pics of the store... just a bit of inspiration! I love this ring... all velvet ribbon, pink and over sized. Perfect.
Upcoming events in the store??? There are too many to share them ALL right now, but we have jammed this summer with all kinds of things to keep you busy. Sign up now for our Garage Sale event June 6-8, and don't forget to mark your calendars for our "Schools Out Crop".

This wonderful glitter by Melissa Frances just in. I took the opportunity to sample it last night, it is BEAUTIFUL. The vile comes complete with a flip top lid and tiny hole for the right amount of dispensing!
I love this vintage bin at the store.. it ALMOST lost its way and ended up at my house... weird. It is stuffed full of fun goodies to pick through for your enjoyment. I snapped the photo with the new camera and pulled all the reds out. Fun huh?

Super cute "texting" layout at by Lead Designer Allison. This is to die for and so appropriate these days! Stop by or call (937)318-5683 to sign up!

Birds are so in right now, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this little book by our designer Carol. Check out other classes by Carol here at the store!

After creating this fun ribbon display at the store, I just may have to make one in my studio. My ribbon is overflowing and busting at the seams. Cute story though... my new pup Chance recently tried to relieve me of some of my ribbon collection. I came home to discover the dogs had accidentally been given free reign of the house all day... instead of eating the bag of chips that were left on the coffee table or raiding the trash, they spent all day in my studio. I arrived at home to find lots of my things out in the yard, including many spools of my beautiful ribbon. Bad dogs!
Now available at $7 kits for purchase. They are the perfect solution to the busy summer days! While supplies last.

More Canon camera fun... quick picture of one of my "Polka Dot Owl" handmade card displays. Check me out at or on for all things handmade! My shop is the Polka Dot Owl and I am selling all kinds of fun things!

Another sneak peek at a bird project by Carol. We have been having lots of fun mixing fabric and scrapbooking together. Beware... one you start there is no going back. I am hooked!