Monday, May 19, 2008

Its a party

Well, Nate's big bash went off without a hitch... Well there were a few, but that is to be expected! He acted surprised, which is all that matters! Now that everything is over, I can say that it was lots of fun making the plans and keeping them a secret. ( I was so stressed before the party that I couldn't say I was enjoying it!) There will be more photos to come, but I thought I would share with you a few memorable moments. I made this "cake" for a few reasons... 1. He doesn't really like cake. 2. I could use my crafting/painting skills (which are much better than my baking) & 3. I could fill it with things he really does like. The bottom paper box was filled with chocolate chip cookies. The top box was filled with manly cigars for him to share with all his buddies.
Oh, and the next day... Chance of course partied too. This cake plate was FULL of unfrosted cupcakes, but when I arrived in the kitchen, THIS was all that was left. I knew there was two options... 1. Nate binged on way too many cupcakes for breakfast or 2. Chance snatched them from the counter...I only had to peek into the breeze-way to confirm my suspicions.

The culprit was Chance of course, and I'm sure Theo played his part too.
Always unpredictable, keeping things interesting.

Empty foil wrappers littered the floor... he ate every last crumb, including the paper lining.

Happy 25th birthday Nate... it was a blast.

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