Friday, January 30, 2009

lovely things

What a lovely surprise.
Myself, Mom, and Terri spent a few days at "429" creating projects for the upcoming move, for etsy and for OF COURSE! All possible because of this beautiful snow storm and school closings! What a better time than a snow day to get all your projects complete!
We are all set up for a girls weekend of designing. Our friends are joining and we are getting too excited to bear it! What a LOVELY thing.

I love the snow. It is such a serene and beautiful experience. lovely.
A few peeks at an on-going project of mine. I have a big love for sweet little banners. I have one from Moda that I absolutely adore, it is a Happy Birthday one and I hang it whenever I get a fact, it is difficult for me to remove it, and it usually graces us with birthday cheer for about a month each time! Anyway.... I decided to make a few of my own. This one will be from paper...vintage music mostly. I also plan to make a few fabric ones as well. What fun! I cant wait to hang one in my studio. Where it can grace me with its presence ALWAYS!
A lovely glass container from McMaster and Storm. I am not sure what to place in it yet... but for now it houses my altered book about "snow days"; how appropriate.

Quick tip:
paint little frames to showcase a favorite image, picture or anything you love. I gave it several coats, but still let the gold show through in certain areas. I also used these frames at a dinner party we had. I took the cute little making memories ledger stickers and created a "desserts" "beverages" "entrees" etc in each one. It was so cute in front of each section. Have fun!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Projects

Yesterday I had alot of things to do on my list... the first of which was GET MY HAIR DONE! I am really having fun with the new "dark" me, but the "do-it yourself" products just were not cutting it! They continued to keep fading out into a yucky color I cant even describe. So... I took some advice of a dear friend and hit up the "Designs by Tanya" Salon in Enon, Ohio. What a great little place! It has all the charm that I love and HEATHER did an amazing job! Thanks again Heather... and Allison for the recommendation.
I also had alot of ideas swirling around in my head... I couldn't wait to put them into use and onto paper. I have been designing alot with so many new things.... here is a sneak peek.

Love our NEW nesting fill. It is great for packaging, home decor and I even decided to create a little NEST on my latest page. Very simple! I just added a few pearls and wa-la... instant nest.

I have also been obsessed with folding tags over the edge of my layouts for a very sweet layering effect. I have especially been loving anything bronzy-gold and our new tags by twogirlzstuff... a local very talented designer, Aja. These will be in the shop very soon!

I think I mentioned before I love the new DEER trend. I have been using it quite a bit! Sweet little A.J is perfect for this little sentiment...what a dear heart. I also am very inspired by flocked paper, so very vintage.

Remember to layer lots of trims and ribbons on your page. I also threw a bit of fabric on this for some texture! This layout had LOTS of texture actually... between the flocked paper, trims and fabric scraps - it was tough to find a journaling surface!

These new flowers are bound to make several appearances on my pages... I watched the great little YouTube clip on Cosmo Crickets blog. I love making these... check out the link to their blog for instructions!

Velvet trims, gold crowns and painted cardboard scraps...
and of course as I said - those flowers!
Add a few pearls or rhinestones for a lovely center.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Spring is here

Now that Spring is just around the corner...that means so is CHA. For those of you that are not familiar with CHA... it is the Craft and Hobby Association. They put on 2 big conventions each year, and that is where all the companies gather to showcase NEW RELEASES. Well, hooray... the preordering has begun! We just finished ordering the 3 new lines from Crate Paper's New Spring 2009. These included Little Sprout, Lillian and Orbit. All 3 are just tooo cute. As designers, we LOVE Crate's stuff! The paper is the most beautiful texture. If you have not tried it, stop by the store and pick some up! Happy creating and we will keep you posted.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Matilda Jane

Matilda Jane Clothing! I love it sooo much. I have a sweet friend Denee... she is the local trunk keeper for "Matilda Jane"... and she hosts the most wonderful events so you can purchase these wonderful and unique items! The line has recently expanded, she has adorable girl and boys clothes. They even have a women's line now too! You really should consider booking a trunk show with Denee... WARNING though, you will become addicted! It is on my top 5 list of addictions that get me into trouble! Call Denee... she books up quickly!
I just love the Matilda Jane blog. She has such a beautiful eye for photography and they are so fun! I love this picture of this trunk and her toes... Her polish is so cute! I am trying to be more creative and refined in my photography this year. I think it might even be time for a class! Maybe when everything slows down! But for now I am going to try and give myself some challenges... TRY: to take a photo at an object below you. Make it something unexpected an interesting. Something maybe we all overlook that can be beautiful. I would love to see/hear how that goes for you.

Country Home

Last night... very late, I had to make a grocery run because we were out of MILK! This is like a nightmare in our house! So I picked up this Country Home magazine in the checkout. I wanted to share with everyone just how inspiring this issue is! There are so many fun ideas for vintage displays, places to shop online, and even amazing labels to download. Check it out! I would buy the issue and get online at

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

get organized

Whew, my studio looks like a whirlwind came through. It doesn't really matter how "tidy" I make it though... it only takes a few moments once I start working to mess it all up again. However, I would like to share with you a few tips to keep you inspired and productive. Even if you are like me... and mess all your CLEAN progress up right away, it is still important to START tidy.
1. Train yourself to pick everything up after you complete your project or work for the day. When you arrive at your space the next time, you can start fresh with a clean and uncluttered area. This will keep you from being overwhelmed, and your creativity can bloom unhindered.

2. Find a really great "organizer" piece. I LOVE this one pictured above. It holds so many small items and has lots of places to label each section. The top has an adorable scallop edge and it spins! This type of storage is key to keeping you cleaned up and it is easy access to the items you need.

3. A scrap BOX. Probably hands down, THE essential in my studio. It is a vintage tray that is very large. The important thing is to make sure it is much bigger than 12x12. I believe mine is 20x20. It is also probably 5 inches deep. I can easily toss any scraps large or small into this roomy open box and they do not become damaged. It is easy to access ( right behind my workspace) and I grab from it to make a quick card or so.

I really like the "deer" trend we have been seeing lately. I have created several quick projects with sweet DEAR sentiments on them. "I love you my dear" "you are so dear to me" etc...
Very fun.

What an amazing discovery. This sweet bolt of vintage ricrac has about 300 yards of delightfulness on it. So lovely!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just Perfect

Let that loved one in your life know..."yes, a gift certificate from is just the perfect way to show you love me"

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cosmo Cricket

I know... I screamed too! I am so excited about Cosmo Cricket's 2 NEW lines that are shipping to as we speak. Also, check out the other fun all-NEW lines that arrived at today! Including Little Yellow Bicycle, Making Memories, Fancy Pants and MOREI cant decide which line I like better, I am just glad I have a niece and a nephew! Also, since my childhood nickname is Katiebug... that is so convenient for the "Girl Friday" line!
Be sure to go to to preview the line... it will be in store any day now!

We have all been talking about the lack of any CUTE sea creature lines! Well here it is... so super cute. I just might need to take a vacation to somewhere Ocean-y!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Where have we been?

We are still here! Apologies for the massive amount of time with NO POSTING! is still in the picture, and stronger than ever! We just recently announced that we will be making a MOVE this year... it is TRUE. Please be patient, the location will be announced when the time is appropriate. We appreciate all of our loyal customers... and would like to say this. Wherever we move to, we are confident you will LOVE, I mean ABSOLUTELY LOVE the transformation. Of course it will be DIFFERENT, change is GOOD and NECESSARY sometimes. But know this, we are even more INSPIRED than EVER before, and we will make this new JOURNEY worth the while. You know what to expect from us, and we plan to deliver! If you LOVE our current style... expect to see even more VINTAGE, BOUTIQUE PRODUCTS, and an overall better INSPIRING EXPERIENCE. You will not be disappointed. Please continue to check our website, keep up on the blog, and stop by the store. New items will be arriving everyday. We thank you for your continued support. This holiday season was a tough one, everyone had to reflect upon the current economic situation and PINCH accordingly... and we were no exception. NEW items and the same favorites are IN STORE now, and we are so happy that you continue to choose US! We are happy to help you in your creative journey... check out the "more space" than ever in our crop room. We can help you with ideas and product, book your crop today! Even in tougher times, it is important to preserve your memories! See you soon.