Tuesday, January 20, 2009

get organized

Whew, my studio looks like a whirlwind came through. It doesn't really matter how "tidy" I make it though... it only takes a few moments once I start working to mess it all up again. However, I would like to share with you a few tips to keep you inspired and productive. Even if you are like me... and mess all your CLEAN progress up right away, it is still important to START tidy.
1. Train yourself to pick everything up after you complete your project or work for the day. When you arrive at your space the next time, you can start fresh with a clean and uncluttered area. This will keep you from being overwhelmed, and your creativity can bloom unhindered.

2. Find a really great "organizer" piece. I LOVE this one pictured above. It holds so many small items and has lots of places to label each section. The top has an adorable scallop edge and it spins! This type of storage is key to keeping you cleaned up and it is easy access to the items you need.

3. A scrap BOX. Probably hands down, THE essential in my studio. It is a vintage tray that is very large. The important thing is to make sure it is much bigger than 12x12. I believe mine is 20x20. It is also probably 5 inches deep. I can easily toss any scraps large or small into this roomy open box and they do not become damaged. It is easy to access ( right behind my workspace) and I grab from it to make a quick card or so.

I really like the "deer" trend we have been seeing lately. I have created several quick projects with sweet DEAR sentiments on them. "I love you my dear" "you are so dear to me" etc...
Very fun.

What an amazing discovery. This sweet bolt of vintage ricrac has about 300 yards of delightfulness on it. So lovely!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Katie! You are so cute and I just LOVE the vintage-ness you bring to the area! Thanks for sharing! ~Denee'