Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Where have we been?

We are still here! Apologies for the massive amount of time with NO POSTING! live.love.scrap is still in the picture, and stronger than ever! We just recently announced that we will be making a MOVE this year... it is TRUE. Please be patient, the location will be announced when the time is appropriate. We appreciate all of our loyal customers... and would like to say this. Wherever we move to, we are confident you will LOVE, I mean ABSOLUTELY LOVE the transformation. Of course it will be DIFFERENT, change is GOOD and NECESSARY sometimes. But know this, we are even more INSPIRED than EVER before, and we will make this new JOURNEY worth the while. You know what to expect from us, and we plan to deliver! If you LOVE our current style... expect to see even more VINTAGE, BOUTIQUE PRODUCTS, and an overall better INSPIRING EXPERIENCE. You will not be disappointed. Please continue to check our website, keep up on the blog, and stop by the store. New items will be arriving everyday. We thank you for your continued support. This holiday season was a tough one, everyone had to reflect upon the current economic situation and PINCH accordingly... and we were no exception. NEW items and the same favorites are IN STORE now, and we are so happy that you continue to choose US! We are happy to help you in your creative journey... check out the "more space" than ever in our crop room. We can help you with ideas and product, book your crop today! Even in tougher times, it is important to preserve your memories! See you soon.

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aja said...

oh my!
is that katie as a brunette?
can't wait to hear where you're going!