Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!

Christmas is, by far, my favorite holiday and it has been ever since I can remember. I am getting ready to celebrate my 24th Christmas and I consider myself so lucky to have friends and family that enjoy this season as much as me and are as excited as I am to share the joys of the season.

I love baking cookies and my family is so indulgent of my "cookie days", a full day when the kitchen is out-of-bounds to anyone not willing to "pass me that teaspoon" or "check that batch in the oven, I think they're burning!". I usually have my baking days at my parent's house because it comes equipped with four fluffy vacuum cleaners, a.k.a. Otis, Prissy, Coco, and Danny!

Isn't Prissy the cutest thing ever?!

There's nothing better after a long day in the kitchen, than piling up a plate with all my sugary creations and sitting down with some hot tea and a great movie! My mom and I are addicted to movies from the 40's and 50's and would probably watch "White Christmas" and "It's A Wonderful Life" once a day if my dad and brother would let us. Since they like a little more variety in their movie-viewing, we like to break up the so-called monotony with "The Polar Express", "Scrooge, The Musical", and one of our newer favorites, "Black Adder's A Christmas Carol". (We searched for it for years! My mom finally found it on eBay, along with the adorable "A Wish For Wings That Work" which is a holiday tale with the cartoon characters, Opus and Bill.) My family is never in want of a good holiday movie... we actually have an entire DVD case devoted to them!

I think everyone here at the store is pretty excited about the holidays, too... especially since I have started bombarding them with my collection of Christmas music! If you need to hear some good Christmassy tunes, just stop in and you're bound be serenaded by Sinatra or Bing or even Tom Hanks! We have started decorating around here, too in order to supply you with endless inspiration!

Katie put this card together for our "Black Friday" Make 'n' Take!

We have a few fun events coming up this month for the holidays. This first is our fabulous "Santa's Workshop" which should be tons of fun! Get all your holiday shopping done in the Workshop and find all kinds of wonderful creations by local artisans! The Workshop will be open the whole month of December, so stop by and see what you can see!

We will also be having a photography day soon! (More info coming soon!) This will be the opportune time for you to get your Christmas portraits done for this year! We have a really amazing background planned, starting with this amazing sleigh...

That gorgeous thing is 101 years old and is just waiting to be decorated for the photo shoot! The Yates's have adopted it and re-finished it and aren't we glad! Stop by the store often to see what other holiday goodies we have in store for you! And don't forget to make the very best of the season!

Love, Stephanie!

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