Friday, January 23, 2009

Matilda Jane

Matilda Jane Clothing! I love it sooo much. I have a sweet friend Denee... she is the local trunk keeper for "Matilda Jane"... and she hosts the most wonderful events so you can purchase these wonderful and unique items! The line has recently expanded, she has adorable girl and boys clothes. They even have a women's line now too! You really should consider booking a trunk show with Denee... WARNING though, you will become addicted! It is on my top 5 list of addictions that get me into trouble! Call Denee... she books up quickly!
I just love the Matilda Jane blog. She has such a beautiful eye for photography and they are so fun! I love this picture of this trunk and her toes... Her polish is so cute! I am trying to be more creative and refined in my photography this year. I think it might even be time for a class! Maybe when everything slows down! But for now I am going to try and give myself some challenges... TRY: to take a photo at an object below you. Make it something unexpected an interesting. Something maybe we all overlook that can be beautiful. I would love to see/hear how that goes for you.

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