Friday, January 30, 2009

lovely things

What a lovely surprise.
Myself, Mom, and Terri spent a few days at "429" creating projects for the upcoming move, for etsy and for OF COURSE! All possible because of this beautiful snow storm and school closings! What a better time than a snow day to get all your projects complete!
We are all set up for a girls weekend of designing. Our friends are joining and we are getting too excited to bear it! What a LOVELY thing.

I love the snow. It is such a serene and beautiful experience. lovely.
A few peeks at an on-going project of mine. I have a big love for sweet little banners. I have one from Moda that I absolutely adore, it is a Happy Birthday one and I hang it whenever I get a fact, it is difficult for me to remove it, and it usually graces us with birthday cheer for about a month each time! Anyway.... I decided to make a few of my own. This one will be from paper...vintage music mostly. I also plan to make a few fabric ones as well. What fun! I cant wait to hang one in my studio. Where it can grace me with its presence ALWAYS!
A lovely glass container from McMaster and Storm. I am not sure what to place in it yet... but for now it houses my altered book about "snow days"; how appropriate.

Quick tip:
paint little frames to showcase a favorite image, picture or anything you love. I gave it several coats, but still let the gold show through in certain areas. I also used these frames at a dinner party we had. I took the cute little making memories ledger stickers and created a "desserts" "beverages" "entrees" etc in each one. It was so cute in front of each section. Have fun!

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