Friday, March 28, 2008

Catchin Up...

Exactly one week and counting until our exciting Retreat. I have been trying to clean up my studio for the last couple of days, but I think I made it worse. I went from piles of "organized" messes to scattering things all over the floor! I hope to be somehow making progress that will magically come together at the last minute. I have been looking forward to this weekend for awhile now. The Retreat is held in Palastine, Ohio at an old renovated school. The beds have down comforters, there is plenty of space, and all the meals are homecooked. We literally do nothing for three days but CREATE!

So many new things have been streaming into our store lately that I cant keep up! I feel like I have to have EVERYTHING of course, because it is all soooo cute. If you are a frequenter of Live.Love.Scrap (which we hope you are) then make sure to check out all my "FAVES" like Crate Paper, Fancy Pants, My Minds Eye and more. If you like BLING.... it has arrived! Kaiser Craft offers more bling than you could imagine and its ALL here in assorted colors, shapes and sizes. Be sure to look for the new Wild Aspargus line from My Minds Eye.... I am kind of a "paper snob" and I LOVE this line! It has a great texture and is very thick.. plus it has such a sweet vintage look to it. Its perfect for me. Long story short, you must stop in and be inspired!

Speaking of being INSPIRED... I am not sure if the long winter is to blame or just my personality, but I have emersed myself into sooo many projects lately that I am overwhelmed. I cant seem to find the time to fit everything all in, but I dont want to let anything go! My mom and I took a sewing class the other day and created a purse, NOW IM ADDICTED. Just for informational purposes and laughs, I though i'd list everything ive been up to lately... Here goes:
  • Scrapbooking (of course)
  • Quilting ( actually that means collecting massive amounts of fabric & just admiring it)
  • Knitting (same as above)
  • Making purses
  • Creating aprons, hand towels & sachets for my new company "PolkaDotOwl" to sell on etsy
  • Designing fun vintage/felted hair barrets, pins & etc!
  • Creating sweet handmade cards with VINTAGE GLASS GLITTER ( oh my I LOVE LOVE this stuff. We sell it at too)
  • Trying to grow my own herbs.. this is So FUN, I feel silly watching so close to see the first sprout... but oh well. Life's little pleasures huh.
  • We are STILL rehabing our house... almost finished I hope. So, I have been tending to the yard and finishing our basement. We have one bathroom left to remodel and then its complete! I go back and forth about being excited to sell it... It is our first house together and I am a little attached. It does seem a little crazy, I mean things are just NOW the way I want them , but I am also anxiuos to start all over again. There is just something about transforming a space... I LOVE it. (We are listing it on the market May 1st hooray!)

I am still getting the hang of blogging and loading the pictures to the site. There are sooo many pictures I want to share with you, and I promise I will post them soon. You have to see my purse I made.... very proud of it (Amy Butler Design). I'll definetly try to include some pictures of my studio and all the things Ive been creating lately. Ill have even more after my relaxing, but hopefully productive weekend at the Retreat! Ill hope to also share with you some photos of my house I am redoing... If you dont already know me, it is a great insight to who I am!


aja said...

that's so me. too!
I totally have crafter's ADD.
but, it's sooo much fun.
can't wait to see pics of your studio!

Manthaanne said...

What a wonderful things to re-do a house! We loved fixing up our house in TX. We will be starting on this one in the spring! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE RETREAT!!

Anonymous said...

Hi...I was in the store for the first time yesterday, I LOVE's by far the best scrapbooking store I've found, and I've found a lot of them! Everything is just perfect, and I'm sure I'll be back soon!
Kathi said...

Thanks aja, sam & Kathi for your comments(love the support)! I know most of you very well, and from reading your profile Kathi you sound just like me! I am glad you liked the store, I hope we inspire everyone who comes by! Stay tuned for more posts!

gpulver said...

I also attend a retreat at Golden Eagle in Spring and Fall. That is a wonderful place. When I come home I want someone to ring the dinner bell and make those wonderful desserts!

Could you send me information on your Fall local retreat?

Also, I would love information on painting my wood floors white! What did you put over the white to keep it from chipping off? Thanks!