Thursday, May 28, 2009


today was a one of those days. frustrating, long, exhausting... but productive. this was the LAST week we had before we turn over the keys to the OLD shop. we had lots of STUFF to move out, and we finally finished! 6 people, 2 trucks and determination. so anyway, what does this have to do with "keep calm and carry on" or the title FOUND? ill tell you:
as I was a doozy. the above saying really meant something on this particular day and i kept repeating it in my head! this is soon to adorn the walls at the new shop, just for a sweet little boost. i fell in love with it when i saw it on the MATILDA JANE sight. love their stuff...check them out by the way.
AND...on to the FOUND part. well the day started early and busy. my dog is sick, and my to do list HUGE. i arranged for a group to meet me at the old shop to start the CLEAN UP. i thought i would arrive early and get some things done, but soon realized that my key was nowhere to be found. i decided to kill some time and went across the street to the car wash to clean Nate's truck. i scrubbed and cleaned the outside and interior...was sweating like a maniac and regretting this "time killing project". i was going to skip cleaning the area under his back seat. it lifts up and is usually stuffed with tools. thought to myself, dont be lazy, just clean it. lifted it up and waaa-laa MY LONG LOST CAMERA! have no idea how it made it under there, but so happy to have it back. long story short....more posts to come and photos. hooray.

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Allie said...

YOu have no idea what I thought you were going to say! Glad you are blogging again and sorry I wasn't there to help out this weekend.