Wednesday, March 4, 2009


i woke this morning to a very sweet note from my was left on a vintage ruler i had on the kitchen table. {i was measuring vintage trims out} i have to admit, he typically leaves me a post-it somewhere in the house EVERY morning for me to discover. this one was so exceptionally cute i had to share it...
a quick glimpse at some vintage trims now available at the shop

another peek

eeeeeeekkkkk! I am so in love with this piece. it makes me feel like i am living in some New York loft or something. this is my latest addition to the family. a vintage "breakdown" wardrobe. you cant tell from this photo, but the vintage glass lamp hanging in the wardrobe is the sweetest color of peachy pink. ooooh. so lovely

and this little number...also a new addition. i found this couch with my dear mom on a vintage hunt. $60 later and some shabby blue paint, and it is now a treasured find. {i should say, it also took alot of prep time! lots of shampooing etc. has to be clean clean ya know}

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Allie said...

Love it all --- as always you know!