Tuesday, March 10, 2009

{countdown} 58 days

Here it is...the first real hint of where we are moving to. It is a sweet little shop with loads of potential. We have lots of work to do before the grand opening. We cant wait! Can you guess where this may be? Let me know what you think...the reveal is coming soon. I just have to put my thinking cap on for a cutesy way to do it. P.S Only 58 days until the Grand Opening at the new location. So get yourself into the current location to savor the final days!
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Lolly said...

OMG - can't wait. I know where this is, and I haven't lived in Fairborn for over 30 years. Also can't wait to get my stapler :-)

Anonymous said...

If you're moving where I think you're moving, YEAH!! I have always loved that place. It has always been filled with creativity and imagination. cathy s.

Carol Weimer said...

OMG...I was hoping this would be the new location. Lots of creative potential. I know you'll put your special touches on it and it will be even better than LLS current local!!