Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I have always liked that word. My parents called our family gypsies when we were little because we traveled so much....and I love the scrap company 7gypsies. So, when my mom and I found these cute as ever pendants at the Bloomsbury Loft...we fell in love. So today's topic is PENDANTS! The soon to open new shop will carry our handmade pendant banners.

Hard at work in my studio. What a mess!

Sweet banners filled with my favorite fabrics and delicious vintage appeal.

glass glitter, fabric, and stamping...OH MY

We are getting back into the GROOVE. We hope to see you at the new shop. You are going to LOVE it, we do! Don't miss out on May 9 at 10:00am. GRAND OPENING hooray!


Allie said...

I am so so excited!!!!!

Allie said...

Did I mention I am excited??? Oh i did, I did and I am, I am!!