Thursday, April 30, 2009

love love love

quick peek at some recent treasures. i love love love this new shop recently discovered with the help of my sweet friends Darcy & Kara of McMaster&Storm. The shop is called Bloomsbury Loft, and they are AMAZING, very creative ladies... in which we hope to do some upcoming events with!
i do, i do. I DO LOVE THIS. someday it may hold a wedding photo...but for now it holds some other sweet items i cherish. hand crafted by Bloomsbury Loft girls. Check out their blog below {and I am going to figure out how to cleverly link people soon, i promise}

also, this vintage aqua dresser has a new home in my studio, and check out the hand painted canvas to the right. wow, i really love these things {so indulgent i know}

and these sweet vintage books found a place in my heart. they have the cutest images, even polka dot pages. and the stripes on the green one...too cute. {its a recipe book!}

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McMaster and Storm said...

these "jill of all trades" are darling! we have enjoyed getting to know them..........
we're so glad you had fun......