Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Studio Makeover

I am so excited about my studio ya'll!
A couple weeks ago I was suffering from creativeblahiness (like that word? lol) and it got so bad, I just shut my studio door. I whined (I know you can't believe I would whine, but I did). I whined enough that Katie and Kathy came over to "organize" me and rid me of the creativeblahiness. Well, I went from whining to crying because we "cleaned". If you have ever reorganized with Katie and Kathy, one has a trash pile, the other has a goodwill pile and I of course have a "BUT I NEED THAT, maybe not today, but someday" studio. So a shopping spree later (for my wallcovering), about 4 economy TRASH bags and 6 hours ... voila ... a beautiful studio for me to be inspired in!!
And I now never want to leave it. I didn't work right away, it took me about three days of sheer admiration, just walking in, looking around and smiling. I even did a few princess twirls just for giggles ... I still can't believe it's MY beautiful studio. This must be how those people feel on HGTV when Vern Yip does a makeover! It's true what they say ... organization and a clean workspace makes you so much more productive, not to mention the inspiration!
I have brought in some of my latest creations, stop in the store and check them out ... as well as take a gander at the NEW Maya Road shipment that just went out today!! We have some very cool things coming in from the show, I don't want you to miss them!!!
Happy cropping!


Stephanie Christian said...

Your studio is so cute and creative! I am in the process of moving and I can't wait to have my own studio!! We will finally have the room! Where did you find that rug? I love it! said...

Stephanie -- you won't believe it -- Odd Lots -- they get some of the neatest home decor stuff -- my table and chairs also came from there -- which was Pier One overstock or clearanced merchandise! We love seeing your comments! Good luck with your studio and the move!