Saturday, January 16, 2010


it seems like forever since I have posted...oh wait, that's because it has been! we have so many new things to share. so here goes

more and more vintage items have been showing up in the shop. they are just waiting for a new home. i love this old typewriter. wouldn't it be lovely on a side table with a love letter or family picture displayed?

ball fringe trims... look great on almost anything!

vintage jewelry. isn't valentines day coming up?

handmade labels for your pages

many new classes are gracing our schedule.
check out this single page layout being taught on
Jan 22 here at the shop.
cards cards and more cards. we are teaching 2 classes each month .

having handmade cards on hand is not only great in a pinch,
but everyone loves to receive the them!

5 styles of large "papers". maps, cakes and more. used to frame, wrap gifts, etc.

so many new things...old and new.

vintage lace wall. once its gone...its gone!

peppermint chews. an indescribable treat. {oh so yummy}


DKochersperger said...

Katie~ I have been oozing for a new blog from you and Ta-dah! Yay! Let's get together soon! Smiles!

KayLa said...

i am happy to say that i was shopping in your store on Saturday the 16th and i was kind of excited when i saw a nice lady taking pictures around the store. I seriously thought to myself, "oooOoo i hope she is posting a new blog" :) YAY!!!