Thursday, January 21, 2010

sweet story {good idea}

Each year for Valentine's Day, I try to make something very special for my significant other...whether it be a card, book or just a journal. I thought I would share a quick story with you...and it will explain what I am going to do this year. Maybe it will inspire you too:

Two years ago on Vanlentines Day, Nate and I were very busy...but he wanted us to have a nice evening out. Dinner and driving around looking at dream homes (we love to do that). He looked up a bunch of Italian resturaunts and started calling to make a reservation. He found that so many were already booked up! He begain calling the next one...he thought it sounded familiar but could not figure out why. They answered the phone - "Sbarro's, how can I help you?" He of course replied..."Can I make a reservation for 2?" The lady on the line began to giggle and said "Sir- are you serious? We are food court resturaunt". He was so embarressed and figured out why it sounded so familiar! He shared that story that evening with me...AFTER our nice italian dinner at a resturaunt in Dayton he was able to book(I cant remember the name). I laughed so hard I cried of course, and whenever I think of that makes me smile.

So this year, I plan to make a book of all the sweet and funny things he has done to make me laugh. I challenge you to think of an ASPECT of your SIGNIFICANT other or friend that you can highlight. Make them feel good about themselves and remind them what you love about them!

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