Thursday, January 21, 2010

{problem solved}

A few glimpses of some delicious new items at the shop. vintage pieced pins are too lovely to pass up. place on your coat or a favorite hat.
too too cute
Scarves with some style.
Unique one of a kind pieces that are sure to steal the show on these chilly days.

okay... so here was the problem. we have a new puppy.
his name is Bailey and he is a Great Pyrenees. so basically he is bigger than Chance our lab.
he is only 6 months old.
1. he can jump over the baby gate i lean against the doorway in the kitchen
2. I raised the gate and this stopped him. but now it is so very high.
3. normally i can still hop over it. but not when i am sore from the gym
4. and not with HOT soup in my hand
so you can guess that i burnt myself and decided i need a new solution.

we dug through our storage garage and found a door that could be used. it is a very lovely mustard color and has that perfect vintage distress! Nate trimmed down each edge by one inch and made the old hinges work. he removed the old piece of tin that was covering the opening.

ta-da. perfect new door that looks soooooo much better than a
baby gate leaned against the doorway.
plus it still leaves the kitchen "open". i was fearful it would close it in.. but it didn't, and we can even pass
things through the opening. more dogs jumping through
and no more acrobatic soup spills. everyone wins

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Audio said...

That's a great door! I can't wait to come in tommorrow! I'm very excited!