Friday, February 27, 2009


yum! what else is there to say? well....beautiful. you could say that too! i have a huge LOVE for cupcakes. my sister has been taking a stab at making the GIANT cupcake for friends lately, which has gotten ME back into the baking mood too! you can purchase the GIANT cupcake pan at Micheal's i believe. it takes an entire cake mix to fill, but is so worth it.
i love the look of this sweet blue cupcake. i have to say, that exact color of seafoamy blue hits the spot for me. i have been drawn to it lately, in clothing...paper... furniture. everything! it must be because i am craving SPRING and that beautiful blue sky.

oh my! i adore this cake stand. i need to research and FIND it. does anyone know where it can be found? i also have a true LOVE for cake stands. i believe there are 4 displayed in my kitchen right now. some with avocados on them, some with candles. there is even one in my refrigerator holding grapes. i mean...presentation is everything right? and it makes for a sweet little display!
{both cupcake photos are from the country living website. check them out at}

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