Tuesday, February 10, 2009

{keeping busy}

Just a small note about keeping busy... I really feel blessed that I have so many enjoyments in my life. I love the many creative outlets I have and what it means to me. With RE/MAX, I really enjoy helping others find HOME! I love seeing all the houses we tour and the vision of what they could be! With live.love.scrap, I am able to help people preserve memories and design with my ideas. Both are extremely rewarding.
There is much to be said for keeping busy:
1. You feel satisfied at the end of the day that you accomplished something
2. Your head hits the pillow and you fall asleep
3. There isn't enough time to sit and over eat! {whew!}
If there is anyway that I can be of assistance to anyone, just give me a buzz! I would love to help you find your next home! And I would be more than willing to help you with your next project vision. I even occasionally do home calls for interior design {See you soon Denee!}

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