Friday, February 27, 2009

{Matilda Jane Clothing} = just too cute

okay..first i must say. MATILDA JANE CLOTHING is just so stinkin cute, i LOVE LOVE LOVE it. they are coming out with the spring release on March1! I hope she doesn't mind, but i HAD to share some of these photos from the blog! I cant wait for the can follow the link below on our blog to see HER BLOG ~ Matilda Jane! I wanted you to see all the pieces i must have and I am crossing my fingers that they come in ADULT sizes! The parties are just SO much fun, you can book your today with DENEE by emailing her at
I just wish i could be as trendy as this adorable girl. i want to go look for some sweet pink pearls and tie some flowers in my hair immediately!

these pants above....I MUST HAVE! I love love them. I am crossing my fingers they come in adult sizes

and these too! I love these pants too

okay...and lastly. This little girl! It almost makes me want one! {my way to busy life right now of course would not allow it!} but I LOVE this little outfit. There is no quicker way to my heart than polkadots.

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